Saturday, February 25, 2012

Walking Dead Compendium, Vol. 1

I'm wavering between 2-4 stars on this one, so settled on three. This collects the first 48 issues/8 graphic novels. I would rate the first issue 4.5, then the rest between 2-4. I love the show so much, I really wanted to like the comics more, but Kirkman's style and writing really does not have the depth of the film adaptation. There is not one strong female lead; all in all it's pretty sexist, with macho, aggressive behavior dominating. Perhaps some would argue that you have to be that way in order to survive in the zombie apocalypse, but then Kirkman should have had at least one woman not be suicidal, adulterous, or passively weak. Really ruined the whole series for me. The Compendium really ends on a cliff hanger, so a part of me wants to pick up the ninth graphic novel, but I am not convinced it's worth my time. Don't get me wrong: the plot is interesting, Rick is a very engaging main character who really grows and changes, the art is good, some of the writing is pretty good, but I had above-average standards because of the AMC series and the comics did not measure up. I would say it's above the average comic drivel but not up to the standards of the show.

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