Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The February Thaw

February already. I have been at my job for for almost seven months now, and for the first time ever, I actually had a good day at work.

My boss was not at work, as she works from home now.

My boss is no longer my boss, but a part-time graphic designer.

I went out to lunch with co-workers and we vented about my boss who is not my boss for an hour and a half.

It was beautiful.

Then I came back to the office where I worked on a project I wanted to work on, not that someone made me do... while listening to Uh Huh Her and U2.

Uh, yeah.

Why yes Bono, it is a beautiful day (and I totally just said that even though it is 5 degrees outside and supposed to get down to -4 tonight).