Thursday, February 22, 2007

Welcome to the Real World

Wow... this week could not get any crazier.

On Tuesday I had a job interview for a copy editing postion with The Athens Messenger, and less than 24 hours later they called and offered me the job! So now I'm quitting my PACE job, quitting the graphics lab, and this is my last quarter with Speakeasy. It's all happened so fast I still can't get over it. I'm excited, and I'm terrified, and I'm overwhelmed... and I can't believe it.

I know it's only 24-30 hours per week and that I will still be taking 12 credit hours and what not, but I can't help feeling caught unawares. I just thought I wouldn't have a "real" job until at least June, and now I'm starting in March instead. I'm afraid that it will ruin my last quarter in college, and I'm afraid that I will be so busy that all I will literally do is go to class, go to work, and sleep... and perhaps put work first and then fail and not graduate. Heh. OK, I hope nothing that serious. But still. I mean, everything feels so final now. Now, I am definitely staying in Athens, and now, when I thought I would be finished in June, I'm going to be here another four to five years. And the worst part is, I still don't know how I feel about that. Regardless, I keep moving forward, and really thinking about what I want out of life only complicates things and makes me feel sick, so then I just go with the flow. Go with the flow. Go with the flow... and then I am generally happy.

In other news, happy news: I love my Wii. Really. It's pretty much awesome. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is totally disappointing. The player control is just a little weird and the screen spins practically uncontrollably when you play with more than one player... But Zelda is awesome, Steve loves Call of Duty 3 although I have no interest, and Wii Sports is probably my favorite just because they're so fun and simple. I love no-brainers, what can I say? =P

And now... I can't wait to get Sonic and the Secret Rings and some Mario games!

Friday, February 9, 2007


In an attempt to compensate for my inability to maintain a friendship with anyone for longer than like a month, except maybe people out of state, and certainly out of the country, I have decided to buy my first gaming system since the Sega Genesis.

Needless to say I am super excited about it. I am buying it with four games, but I already have a list of like four more that I really want to get. Luckily, a few are from Nintendo Game Cube, and others don't come out for a few more months.

So, I really really can't wait.

In other news... this weather is really starting to get to me (SAD, can you tell?). It's making miserable and now I never want to leave my room. That's healthy.

Anyway, my order is officially processing as of today, so with any luck, I will get it over the weekend!! Yay, seriously can't wait.

Zelda, Ultimate Alliance... here we come. =)